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Posted on January 10, 2017 at 11:25 AM

Welcome to the first blog of 2017! Hopefully all recovered from Xmas and all the bugs that have been going around ourselves included lasting a solid 3 weeks! We have been back in the studio with a new show with Mike Soundy TALKING MUSIC. Mike is a drummer and well known especially in his bands and teaching drums look out for the gig' The Sabbath Years' coming up 21st Jan at Exeter F.C his 'big kit' is coming out for that one expect it 'Loud'!  We will soon be getting a date in for our live Wed night sessions so keep an eye on  our Facebook page. 

Astronomy SKYWATCH was a trip to Blundells so check that out talking sky shuttles, the club is open to all with regular events every  month and guest speakers . We have more interviews coming your way and a New Year show all about keeping fit and losing weight so keep checking in!

We welcome guest presenters whether to do a music show or some interviewing so please get in touch. :D

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